Rights in Exile Programme

Refugee Legal Aid Information for Lawyers Representing Refugees Globally



We currently have three calls for applications:

1) Call for a Rights in Exile Programme Coordinator (Part Time), application deadline: 27 June 2020

2) Call for Trustees, application deadline: 5 July 2020

3) Call for a Business Development Consultant, application deadline: 9:00, 21 June 2020

1) Rights in Exile Programme Coordinator (Part time)

Application deadline: 27 June 2020 / Home based

The Rights in Exile Programme was created in 2012 to provide access to knowledge, nurture the growing refugee legal aid and advocacy movement in all countries, and encourage active sharing of information as well as expertise among legal practitioners throughout the world. Legal aid is crucial to the realisation of refugees’ rights, especially the critical first step: recognition of refugee status.

The Rights in Exile website ( www.refugeelegalaidinformation.org ) brings together information for legal aid providers globally, including details of organisations providing pro bono legal aid to refugees around the world, details of specialists who can provide country of origin information on a pro bono basis, and maintains contacts with highly specialised legal advisors to assist with cases involving exclusion, apostasy, gender identity, unaccompanied minors etc. The website also provides learning materials on refugee law and case preparation and much more.

Since its inception the website has been managed by Dr Barbara Harrell-Bond and the International Refugee Rights Initiative. In January 2020, AMERA International agreed to take the website on board, acquiring all responsibility to manage, update and invest in it. A Business Development and Fundraising Consultant has been contracted separately.

Job summary:
The Rights in Exile Programme Coordinator will manage the current activities on the Rights in Exile website as well as further the objectives of the programme. The Rights in Exile Programme Coordinator is responsible for promoting exchange, collaboration and learning opportunities around programming initiatives between various themes in Rights in Exile programming. One main focus of this position is the development of the website in terms of its content, scope, ease of use, and design. Reporting to: AMERA International Board of Directors. Work will need to be conducted remotely. 

General responsibilities:

  • Keep the website resources updated, user and SEO friendly
  • Prepare quarterly project progress reports
  • Develop and disseminate materials to aid the implementation of Rights in Exile
  • Keep abreast of and contribute to advocacy and policy developments on issues relevant to the Rights in Exile.
  • Cultivate networks, potential alliances, and partnerships with organisations working on issues relevant to Rights in Exile
  • Promote the Rights in Exile through social media
  • Support and supervise interns where necessary
  • Such other duties as may be required from time to time by mutual agreement, including travel

Specific responsibilities:

  • Lead the implementation of activities
  • Develop and maintain contacts with refugee legal aid specialists and lawyers who offer their services as resource persons to the Rights in Exile
  • Expand the current database of training materials to include resources on areas that are of increasing interest, such as LGBTI, deportation, and family reunion
  • Develop and maintain contacts with governmental, inter-governmental, and non-governmental partners to advocate for improvements in refugee protection and provide mutual support in developing activities based in the Rights in Exile tools
  • Contribute to NGO consultations with UNHCR, participation in plenary meetings, organisation of side-meetings with participating legal aid organisations to further advocacy efforts, if possible, representation in panels and in coordinating the consultations
  • Direct incoming emergency requests for assistance and information to appropriate external organisations and individuals that can address specific needs
  • Liaise with other Rights in Exile supporters and AMERA Staff/Board to organise and provide training for refugee lawyers and advocates
  • Maintain regular communication and updates on Rights in Exile across the organisation.


Advanced university degree in public international law, human rights law, asylum and refugee law, or related field.

Essential requirements :

  • Minimum of three (3) years working experience in a refugee or human rights related field
  • Knowledge of international refugee law
  • Experience in advocacy and campaign development
  • Experience in alliance and partnership building
  • Analytical, research, and organisational skills
  • Expertise in forced migration, refugee and asylum issues
  • Well conversant with social justice issues in the global south
  • Experience in managing a website, knowledge of HTML and working at the backend of a website
  • Excellent communication skills (oral and written)
  • Ability to work in a multicultural and diverse environment
  • Ability to work alone as well as collaboratively and within a team
  • Ability to meet deadlines and work under pressure
  • Ability to work remotely
  • Highly motivated, responsible, self-driven, and resourceful
  • Committed and strongly motivated to achieve the objectives of the programmeDemonstrable commitment to social justice.

Desirable experience: 

  • Experienced lawyer with practice in the provision of legal aid to refugees
  • Experience in supervising legal staff and volunteers from diverse cultural backgrounds

Budget, type of contract and taxes:

The Rights in Exile Programme Coordinator will be contracted as a consultant for 12 months. The maximum budget for the project is £15,000, exclusive of travel and expenses. It is expected that the required time for this project is about 20 hours per week. AMERA has no responsibility for the payment of taxes and the consultant must ensure that they are responsible for the payment of income tax in accordance with the law of the country in which this work will be conducted.

Application process:

Applications will be assessed by the Board of Trustees of AMERA International. The key dates are below. Please submit a CV and a cover letter in a word or pdf format comprising the following:

  • Your relevant experience;
  • How you fulfil the requirements of this potion;
  • Two referees.

Applications should be submitted by midnight on 27 June 2020 to tabea.dilling(at)amerainternational.org. Interviews will take place via Skype on 5 July 2020. Please contact Tabea Dilling on the above email if you have any questions.

2) Call for Trustees

Application deadline: 5 July 2020 / Home based

AMERA International’s board is looking for new volunteer trustees who are committed to the application of refugee law/refugee legal aid and who bring dedication, enthusiasm and energy to help move our charity forward in an exciting new phase of its development.

AMERA International advocates for the development of legal aid for refugees globally. We promote an online case management system called Refugee Information Processing System (RIPS) ( www.amerainternational.org/casemanagementsystem/ ). We have also  recently taken over the management and day-to-day running of a one-stop shop of free resources for legal aid providers and refugees globally, called Rights in Exile ( www.refugeelegalaidinformation.org ), which we are looking to develop and grow.

  • Applicants will be committed to our vision, be strategic thinkers, savvy and interested in making a difference. You might not necessarily have been on a board of trustees before but what is more important to us is your drive and commitment to help AMERA grow and build on its strong legacy.
  • You should be passionate about refugee legal aid. Some experience with refugees or in refugee law would be appreciated but is not essential. This call is not for a particular professional background, but if you have some accounting/finance experience and/or fundraising skills that would be a bonus.
  • Board meetings are held remotely (via Zoom video) and in English. Calls and meetings are outside normal working hours and time commitment is a minimum of 4 meetings a year of 2 hours duration each, more meetings are sometimes called if needed.
  • We also wish to increase the diversity of the board and encourage applications from refugees and other underrepresented groups to make sure we have a range of communities/backgrounds.
  • We would also actively encourage people who are based outside the UK to apply.
  • Duties include:
      • Participation at board meetings; completing agreed tasks from meetings – including trustee legal/statutory duties for running a charity which might not necessarily be connected to your professional background and keeping up to date with Charity Commission requirements.
      • Working on, and contributing to, AMERA’s agreed projects.
      • A willingness to learn independently.
      • Ability to step up and to support wherever there is a need.
  • Each trustee will need to dedicate about 6 to 8 hours a week to the role.

Please send your CV and cover letter explaining your background, motivation for joining the board and what you can bring to the role to AMERA International chair, Tabea Dilling. ( tabea.dilling[at]amerainternational.org ) – by Sunday 5th July 2020. Interviews will be held on Saturday 18th July 2020.

For short bios of our current trustees, see: www.amerainternational.org/who-we-are/ For more general information on what being a trustee entails, see the  The Essential Trustee  from the UK Charity Commission.

3) Business Development Consultant

Application deadline: 9:00 on the 21st June 2020 / Home based

As part of our new strategy involving supporting existing organisations working in the field through the provision of technology, AMERA is looking at the possibilities of taking on the Refugee Information Process System (RIPS) as an income-generating project and is looking for a business development consultant to explore the possibilities.

Refugee Information Processing System

Keeping track of an asylum seeker’s case as they move through labyrinthine legal systems, wherever they may be in the world, is extremely challenging. Each stage is contingent on the last, each bit of paperwork or interview carries potentially enormous weight and is open to misinterpretation, and unconnected people often necessarily have to take up a case at different stages, risking confusion of the narrative.

Originally developed in 1995 by Applied Network Solutions (ANS) for the UK Home Office-funded Refugee Legal Centres, RIPS has helped in the management of up to 25,000 individual cases per year.

We work closely with legal aid refugee organisations in Africa, the Middle East, South America and the UK to ensure the system is relevant and responsive. Information is held securely on UK based servers and is password protected to prevent misuse of sensitive information.

RIPS is open to bespoke configuration, it is also flexible and can manage the great variety of cases such as Refugee Status Determination (RSD), minors, SGBT and FGM, as well as detainees, education records and community outreach.  Data is stored on and off site to protect against all mishaps. RIPS Manager tailors information as needed, with references to local contacts and services. For instance, a caseworker involved in Refugee Status Determination can register details of each engagement with a client, can track and review relevant history, or pass it over to another case worker, or team leader for follow up.

Currently located at and served by staff of ANS Systems, AMERA International wants to take on RIPS, moving through an interim period where service will continue to be provided by ANS, to an ultimate solution where AMERA owns RIPS and employs the staff to service it.

Purpose of business development consultancy

The purpose of the consultancy is to design and develop a functioning business plan for this project along with budgets. It is anticipated that much of this work will focus on market research, and the design of a charging structure which will generate at least break-even income for the organisation. Deliverables (after eight weeks)

  1. Detailed work plan covering how and when to achieve the deliverables.
  2. Market research and needs assessment – primary research showing the need for RIPS both in the UK and internationally,  what people are able/willing to pay for such a service, what people are already using, and price comparisons with similar products.
  3. Project sustainability. Analyse the ongoing demand and opportunities for sustaining immigration advice capacity building support. This will include considering models for providing sustainable models for offering this support such as, but not only, social investment and social replication models.
  4. A five year budget showing:
      • Pricing structure
      • Projected sales of the product
      • Need (if any) for additional income, (either at the interim or ultimate phase of the takeover)
      • Potential funding ideas for additional income

Total budget available for phase one – £3000. It is expected that the report will be between 20-25 pages, excluding appendices, if any.

Consultant Criteria

AMERA International will be using the following criteria in assessing tenders. Essential experience:

  • Significant understanding of the use of technological solutions in development/humanitarian sector
  • Excellent track record of producing successful funding/business development proposals
  • Experience of conducting primary research within the NGO sector for the purpose of needs assessment
  • Strong budgetary development skills, including an understanding of sustainability
  • Significant knowledge of funding opportunities for international development/humanitarian work
  • Experience working with income generating projects

Evaluation, Timetable, Budget and Project Management

The project will be delivered between July 2020 and September 2020. The maximum budget for the project is £3000 inclusive of travel and expenses. Please include a detailed budget with your proposal, as specified below. The project will be managed by one or two Trustees, who will facilitate access with other partners in the project. At least one monthly meeting (online if necessary) will be expected as part of the project).

Application process

Applications will be assessed by the Board of Trustees. The key dates are below. Please submit a written proposal in a word or pdf format no longer than three sides of A4 to Fiona Cameron (fiona.cameron[at]amerainternational.org) comprising the following:

  • Your experience
  • Your approach to the work, covering each of the deliverables;
  • High level delivery plan specifying key milestones;
  • Key risks and ethical issues to be considered;
  • Your budget which includes: Staffing costs, travel expenses, administrative costs. Include VAT, or if VAT is not chargeable specify this.
  • Two referees.

Proposals should be submitted by 9:00 on the 21st June 2020 with interviews will take place via Skype the following week. Please contact Fiona Cameron on the above email if you have any questions.



We are always looking for volunteers. Applicants must have knowledge of or interest in learning about refugee issues, refugee law, and developing research skills, and have good English writing and computing skills. Individual projects within this work include LGBTI issues, family reunion, deportation and fundraising; French, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic and other language skills are a distinct asset.

We also maintain a list of other related internships, listed here .