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Refugee Resources

If you are a refugee and you need to contact a UNHCR office, please click here for a list of UNHCR offices.  UNHCR is attempting to put each of it Country Offices online.  It so far has only a few, but it could be worthwhile your checking their sites: See http://help.unhcr.org/.  A number of UNHCR operations can be contacted through Facebook and Messenger.

Basic definitions can be found here
Timeless advice for refugees: Lessons Learned from Cases Lost from The Asylumist

Self Help Kits

If you are a refugee who is applying for asylum through UNHCR, here are Self Help Kits to aid you in the process of writing your statement for your Refugee Status Determination Interview. The kits are available in Arabic, EnglishFrench, and Spanish

Additionally, below is a list of non-government organisations (NGOs) or not-for-profit organisations (and, in rare cases, individual lawyers) who offer pro bono legal aid and/or other services related to the needs of refugees. Some countries have no legal aid for refugees but do have NGOs that provide other services that can be valuable for refugees and might lead to legal aid.

These listings has been provided by the organization or an individual, or occasionally obtained from a website. Every effort is made to list only bona fide organizations and to ensure accuracy, but we cannot assume responsibility for errors or quality of services.

Please contact us to correct or suggest listings.

Those who experience violations of the Nairobi Code in the services provided by an organization, or otherwise experience serious problems with its services as they are described in the entry provided on this website, are encouraged to write to michael [dot] gallgheratjrs [dot] net (Michael Gallagher) or barbara [dot] harrellbondatgmail [dot] com (Barbara Harrell-Bond).

Pro Se Asylum Guide

If you are an asylum seeker with no legal representation in the USA, and specifically if your proceedings are before the San Francisco Immigration Court, The Stanford Law School Immigrants' Rights Clinic has created a Pro Se Asylum Guide in English and Spanish. The Pro Se Asylum Guide is a usable and interactive guide tailored to the specific needs of individuals with asylum cases in San Francisco Immigration Court, a document that can be used by anyone, with simple language, clear examples, worksheets and charts for individuals to fill out to organize the information in their own cases, and sample forms (such as cover letters and applications). It aims to assist those that cannot afford to hire a private attorney and unable to attain assistance from non-profits.

The Protecting Refugees Information Pack

The Protecting Refugees Information Pack is a joint initiative by the Council of Europe and the Office of the UNHCR. This pack demonstrates not only the need to protect the rights of refugees, as millions continue to be forced from their homelands, but also the partnership between the Council of Europe and UNHCR and the role we can play, together, to help the refugees. It covers a range of important topics, such as asylum-seekers and detention, refugees and social and economic inclusion, refugees and violence, and stateless persons.

Refugees are advised to read and take serious note of this report and its recommendations, especially if they are applying for asylum in Europe. Those who are providing refugees with legal assistance, especially in Europe, should note the conclusions and recommendations. The ‘Early Legal Advice’ research project was undertaken in Ireland to examine the provision of legal advice to people seeking international protection in three EU Member States: Estonia, the Republic of Ireland and the United Kingdom.The report is aimed at assisting those advocating for legal advice as part of the asylum process and those required to implement the Asylum Procedures Directive. For refugees, this report highlights the importance of preparing and submitting an early, high quality asylum claim, or in the case of rejection, an appeal.This legal advice is intended to assist the process of trying to ensure that the experience of claiming asylum and the task of the decision maker are not made harder by misunderstandings, mistrust and an inability or unwillingness to engage in what can be a very intrusive process.This report looks at what understandings of early legal advice exist and what level of commitment there is to provide quality legal advice at the beginning of the asylum process. The results are varied and perspectives differ even within the individual countries which were examined for the national reports. But the overriding view was that early legal advice can assist in ensuring that the right decisions are made at the earliest opportunity.

Family Reunification

Online resources can be accessed here.

Pro Bono information by country